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We’re 2 tech executives who believe in the transformative power of technology. After growing tired of the corporate world, we’re using our extensive expertise to help small businesses exceed their organizational goals through the use of technology. We believe passionately that small businesses outfitted with the right tech can grow their business and one day employ an in-house IT department. 

So when you don’t need us anymore, we call that success. And we’re happy to get you there.

We’re Fans!  We got our start intregrating Macs into Windows environments.  We were Mac lovers when everyone else scoffed. We support both and we do it damn well, but we still love our Macs.
IT Strategy
Most companies do not think about this but IT costs are some of the largest expenditures after salaries and benefits.  Does your company have a strategy for your IT spend?  If not, you should.  Without a strategy you are just throwing away money and you are not taking advantage of changes in the industry that your competition might. Digerati Partners is known for their ability to build a successful strategy for your IT and Implement it.
G Suite Migrations
Microsoft isn’t the only game in town any longer and Google is not the niche player it was 5 or 10 years ago. Most people have a person Gmail account and more companies are taking advantage of the GSuite Enterprise applications to run their business.  We have done dozens of migrations and we can help you navigate the Google landscape.
Digital Asset Management
We have seen them all and have even helped build a few.  Digital Asset Management is not just a pretty library any longer. You are probably creating a enormous library of electronic assets and you don’t even know it.  Looking for a Digital Asset Workflow to manage those assets and your creative workflow? look no further.
When we decided to overhaul our menu boards and go digital we reached out to Digerati Partners for help, sure thing we made the right choice, Jason and his team were right there for us. We put them to the test and in 2 days they came back to us with a layout of what he was going to do, he asked me a few questions about my concerns and what purpose the new digital menu will serve, in two weeks Jason had the new digital menu up and running, I love it and so do my customers.
Brilliant, quick thinking and customer oriented.
Kenny Sadi
Owner – Caffe Cafe, Chicago
I highly recommend Jason with Digerati Partners. It was my pleasure to consult with him regarding security issues with my Mac. He is professional, kind and patient. He assesses a situation and quickly implements methods for resolution. He is an excellent listener and communicator who follows through and follows up. He goes above and beyond and always made me feel that I was an excellent, capable hands. 
Jennifer McArdle – Designer, Chicago
Jason and his team at Digerati Partners helped us get our IT costs under control
Richard Sanderson
If you are looking to gain the efficiency that technology is supposed to provide, call Digerati Partners
Kevin Schultz
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Digital Asset Management
Technology Strategy
Desktop Support
Cloud Security Assessments
SaaS Migrations-Movin’ to the Cloud
Networking & Mobile Access
IT Workflow Assessments
Technology Budgeting & Procurement
Technology Planning & Rollout
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